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Relax! I'm cosy.  This sums up what Woolbabe is all about - keeping your little ones (and now adults) cosy, comfy and warm.  The award-winning Woolbabe range of sleepwear & lounge wear is made from a specific blend of 30% merino and 70% organic cotton.  This cosy combination is super soft on skin, temperature regulating for comfort and will stand the test of time. The award-winning Woolbabe Sleeping Bags come in a lightweight one layer bag for summer, right through to a Duvet Weight with Sleeves style, which can be used in room temperatures of 14 - 22 degrees celcius.  With 100% merino fill, it's our cosiest bag and is ideal for chilly winter nights.  The most popular bag is our 3-Seasons Front Zip style, which can be used form 18 - 28 degrees celcius.