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Clocks that help with little early risers

You decide when morning comes to your house, not your little one. If you think a reasonable start to the day is 6.30am, then ensure that your actions and behaviour consistently demonstrate this to your toddler. Easier said than done, right?

Sleep Trainer Clocks like the Gro Clock are a tool to help you in your mission to help your little one stay in bed longer and give you extra time in bed.

All trainer clocks are designed to let toddlers and preschoolers when it's time to sleep and when to get up and wake. They do this through displaying the time through a series of pictures, lights or colours, rather than traditional watch face or alarm clock with numbers, hands or noises, which can be tricky to learn at a young age and harder to understand.

There are many sleep trainer clock options available but for our range, we have chosen the most reliable, proven and durable options we have come across from over 10 years of customer feedback and returns. Our range includes the Gro Clock by The Gro Company plus other styles including OK To Wake and the innovative new My Dream Cuddly.

All the trainer clocks available at The Sleep Store are in stock at our warehouse, available for prompt dispatch and backed by our award-winning customer service and returns policy. Plus every order you place through your account will earn you 5% back in loyalty points - find out more by clicking the 'Rewards' link below.

To help you find the best sleep trainer clock for your little one follow our links below to our guides and advice pages.

It's good to note we don't recommend using a trainer clock much before the age of 2. Much younger than that and they will likely not understand though they may still enjoy the sun going to sleep and the stars coming out as part of their bedtime routine and you could try our other early waking suggestions (linked below).


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