1 year old not sleeping in cot, standing up with arms handing over the side of the cot and looking tired

Many parents find sleep challenges in the toddler years the most trying!  Toddlers can be incredibly willful - and if not tackled, toddler sleep issues can seriously disrupt sleep for the whole family.

Research shows that more than 50% of babies who have difficulty settling or have continued night waking continue to have sleep problems as preschoolers and beyond.

Fortunately toddler sleep issues are invariably due to a number of common factors which are easy to identify - and can be solved with a good plan, consistency - and a little bit of perseverance.

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 Gradually Help You Toddler To Settle

The idea with this technique is that you give your toddler all the reassurance and company they need at bedtime to fall asleep. Perfect for kids who like mum or dad with them at bedtime, like to visit during the night or who are prone to getting out of bed repeatedly.

Then over a few nights, you will SLOWLY wean your toddler off needing you there as they fall asleep. Done slowly at the pace your toddler is comfortable with, this is an extremely effective technique.   READ HERE


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