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Camping in with your toddler

Camping in with your toddler

If your toddler constantly wakes in the night, has been sleeping in your bed/room or visits in the night, you may find 'camping' in your toddler's room a good transitional stage.

Basically it means you sleep in your toddler's room, on a mattress near their bed. So your toddler has the reassurance of you being close by, all night, but they are getting used to sleeping in their own bed all night.

It can be easier for you, in that you won't be constantly getting up and taking your child back to their bed...and also a good option if you find you are a softy in the night and just let your toddler sleep in your bed!

Explain to your toddler that you are going to camp in with them for a few nights, while they get used to sleeping in their own bed. Avoid giving the impression you are moving in permanently!

Once they are settling easier and generally sleeping through in their own bed, you can start to move them towards sleeping without you in there all night. Choose one of the techniques in recommended articles below (gradual withdrawal or pop-outs) to wean your child off needing you there when they fall asleep.