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Why Use a Sleeping Suit vs a Sleeping Bag?

Why Use a Sleeping Suit vs a Sleeping Bag?


If you are trying to decide between a sleeping suit or a sleeping bag, here are some great benefits from using a sleep suit:

  • If your toddler is getting frustrated with a sleeping bag or starting to fight a sleeping bag, a sleep suit is a great alternative - warm enough to use on it's own without blankets and still a positive sleep association.
  • If you're little one is moving around more, kicking off blankets or starting to walk and climb around, the legs on the sleep suits are perfect for allowing movement.
  • A sleepsuit can safely be worn when your toddler gets up in the morning, where as a sleeping bag is not safe for walking in.

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When is a sleeping bag more suitable than a suit?

  • Sleeping bags are always more suitable with small babies than sleeping suits.

  • Nappy changing is much more straight-forward with a sleeping bag, as you can zip it open. With a sleepsuit, you need to take one leg out of the suit.
  • Sleeping bags are more ' blanket like'
  • You can layer more clothing inside a sleeping bag
  • The age range for a sleeping bag is generally longer as you don't need to ensure the bag is the right length in the body and legs the same way you do with a suit.

Why use a sleep suit instead of blankets?

  • Comfort baby and keep her warm, without the need for additional bedding.

  • Toddler will be the right temperature all night - there are no sheets or blankets to kick off while in a baby sleep suit, so your baby won't wake up cold.
  • Reduce wake ups from baby or toddler being cold. With a a consistent, warm temperature all night, your baby is less likely to wake from the cold (they may still wake if there are issues with sleep associations or self settling).

  • Ensure baby sleeps safely - there are no sheets or blankets to wriggle under or pose a suffocation threat so you can help create a safer sleep environment for baby.

  • Complete the bedtime routine in your child's sleep suit - you can cuddle your baby and then place them in their cot, which makes settling much easier.
  • Create a positive sleep association - your toddler will quickly develop a sleep association with their sleep suit, meaning that every time they are put in their suit, it's a strong cue that it's time to sleep.
  • A sleep suit is a sleep environment that is safe and familiar, so when taking your child's sleep suit on holiday or when visiting family and friends, your baby/toddler has her usual sleep cue.

Should I choose a Woolbabe Sleeping Bag or a Sleeping Suit?

As your baby grows their needs change, and it's no different when it comes to sleep. If your baby is starting to outgrow their current sleeping bag or protesting getting about getting into their sleeping bag at bedtime, it may be time to consider a sleeping suit, but how do you choose? Here's a few simple tips on whether a Sleeping Bag or Sleeping Suit would be best for your babe. A sleeping bag is better for little babies, as nappy changing is so much easier - you just open the sleeping bag out, with no feet to worry about. Additionally, the age range a sleeping bag can be used for is generally longer as you don't need to ensure the bag is the right length in the body and legs, like with a suit. This can make bags more cost effective over time (depending on your choice of bag). It may be time to move to a sleeping suit if your child is walking around - it's safer to have the feet out if they are getting up in the morning and walking around - there isn't a trip hazard like with bags. Likewise, if your toddler is getting frustrated with the bag (presumably because they can't move their feet), it may be time to move to a sleeping suit. No matter which option you choose, a Sleeping Bag or Sleeping suit is a safe alternative to blankets, as they can't ride up and cover the head or get tangled in them. And because they can't be kicked off, your baby will remain warm enough for the whole night.



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