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Finding The Best Swaddle

Swaddling a newborn can help baby to calm, relax and settle ready for sleep. Swaddled babies will typically sleep for longer and wake less frequently.

There are two main types of swaddle; fitted wraps or traditional swaddles. Fitted wraps make swaddling a newborn easier and are more likely to remain secure as the baby wriggles and moves. Traditional wraps such as large squares of muslin, stretchy cotton or merino fabric are versatile but do take a little time to master and are trickier to get the fit just right (especially in a darkened room in the middle of the night).

Consider whether your baby likes to sleep arms up or arms down. Every baby is different and it's usually a case of trial and error before you find their preference. Certain swaddles like the Love the Dream Swaddle Up are designed for arms up sleeping only, other swaddles position the arms down or by baby's sides.

We don't recommend buying a swaddle that your baby will grow into, it's much safer to choose the size that's right for now. Some swaddles are 'one size fits all' and is designed for use with newborns through to the age they would typically transition to an infant sleeping bag. Others styles are sized by the age and weight of the baby and need to change out as your baby grows.

You'll find a swaddle or wrap style available for most budgets and needs in our range. Look out for our Buy 2 & Save deals on popular styles as it's always good to have a second swaddle ready if one is in the wash.

To help you find the best swaddle for your baby or for our newborn sleep tips follow our links below to our guides and advice pages.  


Mentioned Products:

Grey Marl Miracle Blanket Help your baby sleep better with the 100% cotton knit Miracle Blanket...One size fits all babies, up to approx 4 months! With the Miracle Blanket it's easy to get the perfect swaddle every time, even in the dark!  Help your baby  sleep better, longer and be less fussy since your baby will finally get the sleep they (and you) so desperately need. The fabric is a super soft cotton knit 2-3 layers of T-shirt weight cotton, so a warmer option than many fitted swaddles.  You can also adapt the way the wrap is used to combine with a light sleeping bag or to reduce the layers. This is our most secure wrap so it is still the best option for Houdini babies who need very secure wrapping.   Available in a range of plain colours and cute designs, it's best to get two so when one is in the wash you have a second one handy! Fabric:  100% cotton, the fabric is the weight/style of a T-shirt Size: Approx 0-4 months Measures 55cm long from shoulder to feet, and can be used down to chest height Can also be used over a sleeping bag once your baby is too long for the foot pouch, see video below for more info Miracle Blanket over a Sleeping Bag: If your baby is in a Sleeping Bag and still likes to be swaddled, or has a strong startle reflex and needs firm swaddling, it's great to use a Miracle Blanket over the Sleeping Bag.  It can be used with one or both arms inside the wrap, and is excellent for gradually weaning baby off being wrapped, if your baby is too long for the Miracle Blanket pouch just leave their feet out.
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Miracle Blanket

LM200S210 1.0 tog Swaddle Up Original - Grey Marl "I just wanted to say a huge thank you for sending the wrap me up so quickly, it arrived early this afternoon and Liam is fast asleep in it and loving it as always. These wraps are just amazing, thanks for bringing them to us!" Emma Love to Swaddle Up is the original and world’s first baby swaddle that allows your baby to sleep with their arms up.  It was previously called the 'Wrap Me Up'. When swaddling, Love to Swaddle Up means your baby still has access to their hands. This can be a great solution for babies who ’hate being swaddled’ or for parents who prefer their baby to have their arms up. If your baby wants to suck her hands but still has a startle reflex, then Love to Swaddle Up can help keep her hands in the right place for self soothing.  Most importantly Love to Swaddle Up ensures your baby stays wrapped all night long! Love to Swaddle Up is useful for babies as you are weaning them off swaddling too, as they get used to having more movement and access to their hands.  Ideal for catnappers who aren’t wrapped at night - many older babies sleep much longer in the day if they are wrapped, and this gives you the benefits of wrapping without restricting older babies movement. Super fast and easy to use. Fabric: 93% cotton + 7% elastane Size Information: Newborn:  2.2 - 3.8kg  |  0-1 Month  |  Max height of child 60cm Small:  3.5 - 6kg  |  1-3 Months  |  Max height of child 62cm Medium:  6 - 8.5kg  |  3-6 Months  |  Max height of child 68cm Large:  8.5 - 11kg  |  Up to 6 months  |  Max height of child 76cm <
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Love to Dream

EA200S805 Embe 2-way Starter Swaddle - Clustered Flowers Swaddling summer babies can be a challenge, as they burst out of muslin and other fitted swaddles can feel too warm. The Embe 2-way Swaddle features a unique Legs In / Legs Out design that allows your baby to be cooled down, warmed up, or have their nappy changed without the need to be unswaddled.  The Embe legs out mode is perfect for summer babies. You can also start the night with legs out when it is warmer, then swap to legs in as the night cools down. The “no break-out” zipper design promotes longer, healthier sleep by recreating a womb-like comfort.   The Starter Swaddle also features a no-rise neckline for SIDS Safety and is considered “hip healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.  Made of 100% all natural cotton, the Embe 2-way Swaddle is is a perfect warm-weather swaddling option! Newborn Size:  0-3 months, 2.7 - 6.4 kg  Adjustable snaps allow for 3 different lengths: LEGS IN - 43, 48, 56cm  (shoulders to end of pouch) LEGS OUT - 30, 34.3, 38cm  (shoulders to crotch) Material & Care:   100% Cotton Jersey Knit, machine wash, tumble dry Awards: New York Baby Show Winner - Best in Show:  Created by a mom who wanted to be able to swaddle her baby’s arms in the blanket, but have the option to leave the legs out during warmer temperatures, embé’s 2-Way Swaddle is the first of its kind on the market. It lets you safely swaddle baby (i
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0.2 tog Cocoon Swaddle - Mountains The New Generation Zip Up BABY SWADDLE! An easy option for swaddlling a baby. Your baby will feel secure and snug with stretch organic cotton. It allows your baby to move their hands into a comfortable position that suits them without waking up. Now with poppers in the arms for an easy transition into a sleeping bag when your baby is ready, it converts into sleeping bag. The ergoCocoon gives your baby the option of sleeping arms free or tucked in. Features: Super stretchy to allow for natural movement 2-way zipper for easy nappy change Skin-friendly, breathable natural organic cotton Poppers in the armholes to help you transition your baby to arms free Summer weight, when used without blankets best for room temperatures 24 degrees plus Size Options: PLEASE CHECK THE WEIGHT OF YOUR BABY & ORDER FOR THE WEIGHT THEY ARE NOW: Your wrap will not be effective if the size is not right. 0-3 months - (3 to 7kg) Length of swaddle is 60cm 3-12 months (from 7 - 10kg) Length of swaddle is 76cm If your baby is between 5-7 kg, we recommend the 2-6 months size which is only available in limited colour options. Fabric: 95% Organic Cotton / 5% Elastane Made from organic stretch cotton - cool weight, suitable for summer. Can be used year round with warmer clothing inside and bedding over the top.
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Merino/Organic Cotton swaddle/blanket- TIDE Our gorgeous Woolbabe fabric makes a divine swaddling wrap for your newborn and is now made using organic cotton! With 70% super soft organic cotton, this wrap washes up beautifully and just gets softer and easier to wrap with the more you use it. The 30% merino content means the wrap helps to regulate your precious newborn's temperature, helping to settle baby quicker. The very generous 110 x 110cm size means these wraps are brilliant for swaddling even older and bigger babies.  Ideal from newborn to 6 months on average. These are also beautiful for a light blanket, on either bassinet, cot or buggy. Older children will enjoy snuggling under one of these wraps on the sofa or in bed too. Striped with matching solid colour binding. Packaged in a woolbabe gift bag. The lovely woolbabe wraps make a very special and super useful baby shower gift. Size:  110 x 110cm Fabric:  70% organic cotton/30% merino Washing instructions: Machine wash with liquid wool wash.  Please avoid regular laundry powder as it may damage the merino fibres.  Low tumble or line dry. Please wash before use.
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Woolbabe Sleep Bags

SW200S010 Sleepy Wings Sleepy Wings is an infant slumber wear jacket, designed to mimic the swaddling method of wrapping....without any excess layers, This makes Sleepy Wings ideal for all seasons! Sleepy Wings provides parents an alternative aid to assist their baby’s sleep, feed and scratching habits in the first 6 months when a baby has little control of their own limbs. Slept safely on their back, a baby’s natural sleep position is to have their arms bent at the elbows, with hands up beside their face. Without restricting this position, Sleepy Wings allows a baby to comfort themselves with access to their mouth to self settle. Sleepy Wings is also designed to assist babies learn to find their own dummy during the night - innovative and quite unique!!! The unique single opening is the arm hole for both left and right arms. This ribbed opening stretches to provide a snug and secure fit. Prevents scratching (eczema): The need for mittens that always fall off are a thing of the past! Sleepy Wings can also be worn to prevent a baby from scratching their face and aggravating existing skin conditions such as eczema, heat rash and allergies. Sleepy Wings is a helpful garment that solves the problem of how to avoid overheating in the torso area which can flare up eczema (as its design doesn’t cross over the chest) and can also stop bubs from scratching and further irritating their skin condition! Dummy retrieval: The dummy pockets are positioned in easy reach of a baby’s mouth, giving baby two chances to replace their missing dummy! The unique construction of the cotton elastane dummy pockets are shaped to grip the handle of a dum
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Sleepy Wings

LM200S104 Swaddle Up 50:50 Transition Bag - Marl Stripe Wrapping babies, swaddling babies, cocooning babies... is a globally accepted & proven method for helping babies to settle and sleep.  But there is a transition period for babies when moving from being snugly wrapped or swaddled, to a sleeping bag or under blankets. This period can be quite unsettling for baby’s & parents’ precious sleep routine. The Love To Swaddle UP ’50/50’ is the no cry solution, which helps your baby, adjust to full blown freedom slowly. No matter how you have been swaddling your baby either with arms up, down or across their chest the 50/50 can help your baby transition out of swaddling and into a sleeping bag. Size information: Medium:  6 - 8.5kg  |  3-6 Months  |  Max height of child 68cm Large:  8.5 - 11kg  |  6-9 months  |  Max height of child 76cm Extra Large:  11-14kg  |  9-12 months  |  Max height of child 84cm NOTE: Ages, weights and child heights are approximate. For best fit result please select size according to your child's weight, not their height or age. You must stop using the Love to Dream Swaddle Up with wings attached when your baby shows signs of trying to roll - at that time you should transition to using it arms free or to a sleeping bag.  Sizes L and XL to be used without wings. When you're ready, you'll find more information about how to transition effectively from using a swaddle in the sleep advice pages of our website. Which size should I buy? Please buy the correct size for your baby NOW. If the wrap is too big, it will not be effective and it may be unsafe if it is loose fitting and c
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Love to Dream