Swaddles and Wraps

Baby wrapped in swaddle asleep


Finding The Best Swaddle

Swaddling a newborn can help baby to calm, relax and settle ready for sleep. Swaddled babies will typically sleep for longer and wake less frequently.

There are two main types of swaddle; fitted wraps or traditional swaddles. Fitted wraps make swaddling a newborn easier and are more likely to remain secure as the baby wriggles and moves. Traditional wraps such as large squares of muslin, stretchy cotton or merino fabric are versatile but do take a little time to master and are trickier to get the fit just right (especially in a darkened room in the middle of the night).

Consider whether your baby likes to sleep arms up or arms down. Every baby is different and it's usually a case of trial and error before you find their preference. Certain swaddles like the Love the Dream Swaddle Up are designed for arms up sleeping only, other swaddles position the arms down or by baby's sides.

We don't recommend buying a swaddle that your baby will grow into, it's much safer to choose the size that's right for now. Some swaddles are 'one size fits all' and is designed for use with newborns through to the age they would typically transition to an infant sleeping bag. Others styles are sized by the age and weight of the baby and need to change out as your baby grows.

You'll find a swaddle or wrap style available for most budgets and needs in our range. Look out for our Buy 2 & Save deals on popular styles as it's always good to have a second swaddle ready if one is in the wash.

To help you find the best swaddle for your baby or for our newborn sleep tips follow our links below to our guides and advice pages.