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All You Need to Know About Swaddling

All You Need to Know About Swaddling

We love swaddling, as it makes such a difference to how well newborns sleep. Swaddled or wrapped babies generally settle quicker and sleep for longer at each sleep, which makes a big difference to adjusting to life with a newborn.

Choosing a wrap

Which wrap to use makes a big difference to how well your baby settles and how long they sleep for. The wrap needs to be safe, fit well and stay swaddled all night.

Read our article on Choosing the Right Wrap for your Baby.

Video - all about swaddling

In the video below Louise from The Sleep Store will guide you through the different types of swaddles available with a focus on transitional & summer swaddles.

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Swaddling techniques with regular wraps

As mentioned above, it's important to use an effective swaddling technique so your baby doesn't get hot fighting to escape!!!

Arms down swaddling

This is the most secure way to swaddle and a good option for using with either light stretch cotton or muslin. This is the technique recommended by Dr Harvey Karp in The Happiest Baby, as it seems to be the most secure of any technique.

Aussie style swaddling

This is the technique often used in Australia with muslin wraps, and we have some instructions from the lovely people at Aden + Anais. Suitable for babies who like to suck their hands, sleep with arms up or who don't have much startle reflex. Harder to keep secure especially for wrigglers or Houdini babies!

Baby lying on wrap waiting to be swaddled
Baby beginning to be swaddled
Baby being wrapped in swaddle
Baby swaddled Australian style