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Newborn Essentials Checklist

Newborn Essentials Checklist

Preparing for your new arrival is often a daunting task. There are so many baby products on the market, how will you know what you actually need and what is just clever marketing?

We asked hundreds of our Sleep Store customers to tell us what products they couldn’t live without and what products they thought they needed, but never actually ended up using.

The consensus was that if you stick to quality essentials, you can’t really go wrong. With online shopping being so easy, you can order anything you find you need with just a few clicks.

So here is our list of what you really do need for your new baby.

Absolute Newborn Essentials

Safe Sleep Space

  • A safe space for your baby to sleep – a cot, bassinet/co-sleeper or moses basket.

  • Choose a sleep space with a firm mattress and no padded sides to reduce the risk of SUDI. Padded nests or pods are not safe for sleeping.


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  • At least 2 fitted sheets for the bed of your choice (e.g. cot or bassinet size). Flat sheets are optional.

  • Waterproof mattress protector


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Swaddling/Wraps/Sleeping Bags

  • At least 2-3 fitted swaddles (we love the Miracle Blanket) – think one for baby, one for the wash and one spare.
  • Muslin Blankets (3-4) – great as a summer swaddle but also to keep handy for spills, a breastfeeding cover etc. Highly versatile!
  • Merino Blanket – not essential but great to tuck in over the swaddle to help baby feel secure or in the buggy
  • Sleeping Bag – transition before ditching the swaddle to replace sleep association. A three-seasons bag will cover most of the year by adjusting baby's layers.

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Only use natural fibres e.g. Cotton or Merino. Synthetic fabrics can overheat a baby as they aren't breathable.

  • Bodysuits (6) – a mix of singlet and long sleeve
  • Night gowns (2)
  • Zip-up Onesies (3-4)
  • Merino socks and/or booties - lots
  • Cardigans (2)
  • Hats (2) – for outings, never wear hats in bed. At least 1x woollen hat, sunhat if summertime
  • Newborn sized nappies!

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  • Thermometer – an absolute essential

  • White noise – we love the Yogasleep Hushh & Nod

  • Wrap/Baby Carrier - hands-free, cuddles on the go. The Boba Bliss is highly recommended by our babywearing consultants

  • Soft face cloths

  • Old style cloth nappies for spills - super versatile

  • Wet Bag – for nappies/clothing changes when out and about. We love the Bumkins Wet Bags

  • Safe Capsule/Carseat – if possible check your install with retailer or car seat technician

  • Baby nail clippers – some people prefer to use their teeth but clippers will almost definitely come in handy at some point


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Nice to have – will almost certainly make use of

  • Baby Monitor

  • Room thermometer

  • Cool Mist Humidifier – we love the Crane brand! Remember, be very careful when using essential oils around babies/children – for more info check out our overview here

  • Breastfeeding Pillow – If you’re planning to breastfeed then usually these are really helpful. Although you may not end up needing one, so perhaps put this on the ‘maybe’ list.


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Wait and see if you need these

  • Dummies/Pacifiers – it is not recommended to introduce these until 6 weeks and you will know by then if your baby likes to use sucking to soothe themselves

  • Nappy Creams – Fresh air is as good as anything and if you need any special creams, your healthcare provider will prescribe these for you. If you’re breastfeeding, breastmilk has antibacterial and antifungal properties making it the best nappy rash solution ever!

  • Breast pump – if you’re planning to breastfeed, you won’t automatically need a breast-pump. If you know you’ll need one, ask other mums what they’ve used and would recommend and see if you can have a play with theirs before purchasing your own.

  • Change Table – the group was divided on this one. Many say they never used a change table but others say they are a lifesaver for their aching backs. A change basket on the floor or a nappy caddy may be all you need.



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Our Full Checklist

Swaddling wraps & Sleeping Bag


Tools & information


Only use natural fibres e.g. cotton or merino.

Nursery essentials

Other essentials

Where to now?

We have a very extensive range of articles on our website, pregnancy and newborn Sleep Support Groups moderated by us (we have a midwife in our moderating team) and a number of sleep coaches, all here to help you through your parenting journey. Below you'll find links to our website where you can find items you need to get ready for your baby, as well as link to our free articles and sleep support.

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