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Babywearing - Newborn Introduction

Babywearing - Newborn Introduction

For thousands of years, in cultures across the world, parents have worn their babies in wraps and slings. Western 'civilisation' has been slow to catch onto babywearing, but in recent times there has been a huge increase in the range of stretchy wraps and baby carriers available locally.

The key things to using a baby carrier successfully are finding a carrier that's easy to put on, is comfortable for you and baby and gives you the confidence that your baby is secure. If these 3 things aren't right, you're not likely to enjoy babywearing or find it a successful way to calm your baby.

Why use a baby carrier for your newborn?


  • The movement in a stretchy wrap or soft structured carrier is just like being inside the womb and is a simple way to soothe and calm an upset newborn.

  • Carriers are super practical - carrying your baby in a wrap or carrier means your hands are free for a coffee, a book, the washing or chasing after older children.

  • More ergonomic for your shoulders, back and arms
  • Cuddles on the go! Your baby will be snuggled up close to your chest, near your heartbeat, helping to settle baby more easily and also promote bonding better than a buggy where baby is often facing away from you.
  • Carrying promotes babies brain development, confidence and contentment, especially for colicky babies.

When would I use a carrier with my newborn?


  • Helping a newborn fall asleep

  • Calming a newborn crying

  • Coping with the witching hour or an overtired baby in the evening

  • Carrying a newborn close to you rather than in a buggy.

  • Carrying your baby 'hands-free'- as you get on with jobs about the house or being out and about.

  • Anywhere you can't use a buggy, such as steps, airports, buses or crowded places.

  • Keeping your baby close to you and avoiding other people touching your baby.

  • Keeping your newborn safe from an over-zealous sibling.

  • Hands-free playing with other siblings or at home, Playcentre etc.

Choosing a carrier or wrap:

There is such a huge range of carriers available that it can be hard to work out what is best for you and your baby.

Here's our tips for choosing a carrier:

  1. Choose 100% natural fabric for your carrier, or a high performance mesh carrier for hot conditions.

  2. Choose an established brand, known for their quality and product testing. Avoid 'fakes' from sites like AliExpress which may be dangerously made and not tested for quality safe fabric or manufacturing standards.

  3. Choose a carrier you love the look of! If you're going to use it every day and get great value for money, buy one you love. The are some great designs around, especially from Boba.

  4. Consider how easy you need it to be. Some carriers, such as buckle carriers are simple to use and require little learning to be a confident user. Others, like woven wraps may take a little longer to master. You could choose a hybrid carrier and get the best of both worids.

  5. Do you need pockets or other features? Pockets can be handy for keys or a mobile phone when out and about.

  6. Who will be wearing the carrier? Some are tied each time and can be worn by any size adult. Other structured carriers are a better fit on some shapes and sizes, and will need the straps adjusted each time a different adult uses it.

  7. Budget! There is a wide range of prices, ask us if you need a recommendation within a specific budget

Our Top 4 buckle carriers for new babies


Buckle carriers are one of our favourite options for carrying newborn babies, it's not just about the wraps. Louise shares top tips and quick tutorials on how to fit your baby for our 4 best and most popular buckle carriers at The Sleep Store. Babywearing is easy with these incredibly popular, easy to use, versatile baby carriers from Boba and Beco. One of these carriers will usually work well for many of our customers. Which one will be your baby carrier?

Anything else I need to know?

  • Be aware of the weight of your baby! While a carrier is far easier than carrying your baby in your arms, you still need to take care of your back. Build up your time carrying gradually so your core muscles adapt.

  • If you're choosing a woven wrap, make sure you have the right size! Most buckle carriers can be easily adjusted to fit a range of wearers.

  • Get confident using your carrier or wrap before you try hands-free. Practicing at home can help you build confidence before you tackle putting baby into your carrier when out and about.

  • As your baby gets past the newborn stage, we recommend having some day sleeps in their bed rather than carrying baby for all naps. Babies can become very reliant on the movement and cuddles that baby wearing provides if you use this as your only settling technique!

  • For our general baby carrying safety tips and advice click here and refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

Baby Carrier Live - Buckle Carriers (Baby Front Packs)

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Babywearing NZ | Newborn Introduction to Carriers

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