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Baby Sleeping Bag FAQ

Baby Sleeping Bag FAQ

Get your baby sleeping bag FAQ's answered with The Sleep Store's most commonly asked questions:

Why use a baby sleeping bag or sleep sack?

  • Comfort baby and keep her warm, without the need for additional bedding.

  • Baby will be the right temperature all night - there are no sheets or blankets to kick off while in a baby sleeping bag, so your baby won't wake up cold.

  • Reduce wake up's from baby being cold - With a a consistent, warm temperature all night, your baby is less likely to wake from the cold (they may still wake if there are issues with sleep associations or self settling).

  • Ensure baby sleeps safely - there are no sheets or blankets to wriggle under or pose a suffocation threat so you can help create a safer sleep environment for baby.

  • Prevent wake up's from baby getting her feet stuck between the cot bars - baby sleeping bags prevent little feet from becoming stuck between them.

  • A sleeping bag is a positive sleep association so the transition from bassinet to a cot, and later from a cot to a bed, is less daunting because the sleeping conditions remain the same.

  • Complete the bedtime routine in baby's sleeping bag - you can cuddle your baby and then place them in their cot, which makes settling much easier.
  • Create a positive sleep association - your baby will quickly develop a sleep association with their sleeping bag, meaning that everytime they are put in their bag, it's a strong cue that it's time to sleep.

  • A sleeping bag is a sleep environment that is safe and familiar, so when taking your baby sleeping bag on holiday or when visiting family and friends, your baby sleeps has their usual sleep cue.

  • Travel sleeping bags, which have a slot of the pushchair buckle, helps baby with a regular sleeping routine, even when you are are out as it also allows your child to go into a pushchair or a buggy and then simply transfer your baby to their cot or bed.

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How many sleeping bags do I need for my baby?

We recommend you invest in 2 sleeping bags for your baby or toddler. This is particularly important in winter, when washing takes longer to dry and also you really need your sleeping bag to keep your baby warm.

What is the difference between a sleeping bag and sleep sack?

Nothing! They both refer to a warm, snuggly bag to keep your baby safe and warm for sleeps. We tend to use the term 'baby sleeping bag', as this is what our sleeping bags are labelled as. The term 'sleep sack' is sometimes used by European bag manufacturers or some cheaper brands.

Which is the best bag for my baby?

Get the best baby sleeping bag for your baby with our helpful guide:

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What size should I buy?

The sizes are based on average sized babies, so do consider if your baby is extra big or small for her age. We recommend that you buy the right size for your baby now, rather than worrying about it lasting for next season. It's important that your bag fits well, so there is no danger of baby slipping into a bag that is miles too big. You can also consult the manufacturer's measurements before purchasing to ensure the bag will be just the right fit.

If you're not sure about the size, carefully open your purchased bag, keep the packaging and try it on. We are happy to exchange the size provided the bag is returned to us in original, saleable condition, with all packaging intact.


What is a TOG rating?

The tog rating indicates how warm the bag is and relates to how many blankets the bag is equivalent to. The higher the tog, the warmer the bag. For example, a 2.0 tog bag is equivalent to just over 2 blankets.

Merino bags are not tog rated because they have naturally temperature regulating properties.

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I've heard about sleeping bags that are attached to the sheet - what is that?

The BabyOK Babe Sleeper is a cotton sleep bag, firmly attached to the base sheet. This means your baby can sit up or roll over, but not scoot up the cot or stand up. It can be very helpful with training a baby to lie back down and go to sleep, as well as reassurance that your baby isn't going to fall out of the cot. You can use a warmer sleeping bag, such as a Woolbabe Sleeping Bag, inside the Babe Sleeper.


Can you use a sleeping bag with a Safe T Sleep or Babe Sleeper?

Yes you can use a sleeping bag with either of these products. With the Babe Sleeper, you just place baby into their sleeping bag first, then into the Babe Sleeper. In the summer you may choose to just use the Babe Sleeper by itself.


What sleeping bags does The Sleep Store sell?

We have a carefully selected range of high quality sleeping bags available to purchase. We choose them based on excellent value, high quality fabric, durability, easy washing instructions and of course gorgeous design.

We also like to have enough of a range that you will always have at least a couple of options (eg at least 2 100% cotton sleeping bags in size 18-36 months), without a range so huge you can't decide!

We don't have a huge range, but we absolutely recommend the ones we stock and think knowing our products well is more important than having many different brands.

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