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Yogasleep are renowned for their white noise machines, which they have been  making since the 1960's, when it all started with what is now known as the Dohm.  And they've been helping generations sleep better ever since. 


White Noise can help babies sleep and settle better because it mimics the sound they heard in the womb.  It also helps blockout background noise, so everyone from newborns to toddlers to the elderly can benefit from white noise.  Yogasleep's diverse range of sound machines also includes models with deeper brown noise sounds and pink noise sounds such as thunder, rain, streams and more.  
You can choose a mains powered plug-in white noise machine, or a portable, device which can be charged and taken with you.  This is ideal if you travel a lot or want to take baby out on walks or baby will be sleeping in unfamiliar environments.  The white noise will help to mask background noise and also provides a strong sleep cue. 


Some of Yogasleep's White Noise Machines also have a nightlight, which is super handy for late night feeds and nappy changes as well as toddlers who start to become scared of the dark.  The Hushh 2 is a new and improved version of the Hushh Continuous White Noise Machine which has been a customer favourite for many years and the Nod, a plug-in model is a firm favourite for use in the Nursery.  


For toddlers, the Light to Rise Sleep Trainer, Sound Machine, and Nightlight is a great option as it includes a Sleep Trainer Clock to help signal bedtime and wake time.  There are also models which can be used as wireless speakers, giving excellent longevity.  Check out our white noise comparison chart to determine which models have the best features for your needs.