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Baby Food Ideas

Baby Food Ideas

The Sleep Store posted:

Baby you use bought or make your own? What does your baby enjoy at the moment (& their age). At 9 months our Eddie was loving cheese sauce & microwaved veges like pumpkin, carrot sticks & broccoli, and also homemade custard was a winner for the whole family. Share your baby food ideas!!

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I would put any vegetable I had in the house at the time in a pot, boil it up and mash it together. My three loved it. Also when my daughter was tiny she loved pureed nectarine, all lovely and pink but so yummy!!

I do both, mostly make my own but jars for lunches out. My 10 month old eats everything which is great. His favourite is avocado spread on toast. I often blitz or mash a portion of our family meal before I season it and store lots in the freezer. I make custard with just egg yolk and formula to go with his breakfast (works with EBM too). We buy tinned fruit when on special and blitz it - everyone likes it with breakfast and goes great with plain greek yoghurt for a snack.

My nine month old loves shepherds pie and stew. If I do give him jars I have to put gravy with it as it's just too tasteless for him. Great tips from others as well - thanks

Thanks for those ideas. My little man will be having veges and cheese sauce tonight now :-) I make food but use jars mixed with my own when I'm working as it's loads easier and quicker to get ready.

As I was doing BLW (baby-led weaning), our babies eat anything that was on our table, everything was homemade anyway.

Only tried a jar once at 11 months, and he refused to eat! i was secretly quite pleased :) i also do big cook ups every fortnight, 4 meals at once, lots of things roasted and mashed (pumpkin, kumara, carrots, turnips, parsnips, beetroots, cauli) to then stir into cooked pasta, rice, quinoa etc as well as chopped steam veg (as he's 13mths now) into and freeze in 1 serve containers, super easy!

We are going to try BLW. So no purée or mash just food as we would eat it. I think I am going to try carrot lightly steamed cut into longish strips. I craved carrots, bananas, grapes & watermelon when I was pregnant so I think they will be his first foods. Still got a way to go though

I use both. Usually breakfast or lunch is a pouch or jar and dinner is always home made unless we are out

Believe it or not - a girl in my antenatal group made curried kumara soup for herself but baby wanted to try it so she did and she loved it - So I made it at home and froze in small amounts, then when it is tea time I use the soup and mix it with pureed broccoli and she LOVES it.

I make most of my own stuff for my 7 month old. I have heaps of different veg frozen now, so just grab different combinations. Also have frozen left overs eg roast chicken and veg, casseroles, fish pie etc. She also loves soup - curried kumara and thai pumpkin are favourites! We also use the jars every now and then and they're there in case of earthquakes and power cuts! Also handy to keep in the nappy bag just in case. Stir fry veg as finger food is also starting to be a hit

Both. With the price of fruit and veg at the moment...

Home- made with the odd apricot rice pudding or custard when we are out or for a treat. Elise (15 months) would never eat the tinned baby foods so I used to cook huge batches of veges etc, mash them up and freeze them in ice cube trays. Easy meals!!

I still find Farex great too...easy to add to fruit or mashed veges to make it more filling :-) And cans of apple cereal or custard are always handy to have on standby!!

Home made custard is a winner with miss 6 months - she used to Hoover everything but now won't eat her veges! Also just tried scrambled egg today and she loved it!!!

My little man HATES tinned food and I don't blame him - even the expensive organic foods are gross to eat. He is ten months and was eating anything from smoked fish pie to pieces of pork etc but is going through a fussy stage and is not too keen on anything he previously loved. Cheese sauce, chicken, broccoli and cauliflour was his fav

I still buy it - I have 2 kids now and both are still fed from a tin. Eek!

My slow cooker is my best friend! I put any left overs (that go well together) in and cook...