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Why do we love ByKay?

At The Sleep Store, we're passionate about benefits of great baby carriers. You can travel easily, tackle busy places and flights of stairs with ease. Settle a newborn with ease and help an older baby resettle from a catnap or sleep on the go. All things that make parenting just that bit more manageable on a daily basis.

Yet to some parents, babywearing is seen as hippyish or wraps and slings as complicated. So we love that ByKay brings babywearing and funky fashion together, with her amazing range of denim carriers and simple, classic colours. Super comfortable, easy to use and great prices too. And with a carrier for every situation, every size and every style.



About ByKay

Over the years, dedicated mum of Kay Poelen developed her very own fun style of natural parenting. Early on, she discovered the many advantages of using a baby carrier: skin contact, security, a practical way to have your child close while keeping your hands free.

She brought an age-old method of baby-carrying into the 21st century, by designing a fashionable, comfortable baby carrier with a perfect fit, made of high quality fabric. In addition, she designed a whole range of matching accessories.

Her dedication serves only one purpose: to have as many babies and parents as possible enjoy a more relaxed way of life by using a baby carrier! Carry your Love!


The ByKay range:

One of the most comprehensive babywearing ranges we have seen!

The range includes:

  • Stretchy wraps
  • Aqua slings - for the shower, pool or beach
  • Woven Wraps
  • Woven Ring Slings
  • Classic Soft Structured Carrier
  • Classic Mei Tai
  • Deluxe Adjustable size Mei Tai


View the awesome range here:



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