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Newborn Essentials for a Summer Baby

Newborn Essentials for a Summer Baby

Keeping baby cool in summer can be hard work! It can be hard to cool down rooms, especially for day naps and being out and about in a buggy can be just as hot. Whilst the thermometer is rising there are a few different things that can help keep your baby cool. And remember, it’s ok for a baby to sleep in just a nappy under their swaddle or sleeping bag. Here are our most recommended essentials to help keep your baby cool & comfortable this summer.

What are the essentials for a newborn baby in summer?

The newborn stage is often referred to as the 4th trimester and it’s a stage of adjustment for everyone. Tiny little babies are just getting used to life on the outside and parents are juggling all the changes to their lives as well. These are the tried and tested top 5 for newborns.

1. Lightweight Fitted Swaddle

For day naps (and even overnight in a warm house), use the lightest weight swaddle you can - a summer weight or 0.2 - 0.5 tog swaddle is best. The Purflo Swaddle to Sleep Bag is one of our favourites. It's lightweight, has mesh panels for breathability and can be used as a swaddle or sleeping bag from newborn until around 4 months of age. Another alternative is ErgoPouch’s 0.2 Tog cocoon swaddle bag which can be used with room temperatures over 24 degrees.

You could also try the Embe swaddle, which enables you to leave your baby’s legs out, helping them keep cooler for their sleep. Overnight, when the temperature drops, the Miracle Blanket is another good leg's out option. It’s a slightly heavier weight, so our sleep coaches recommended using it with just a nappy or bodysuit underneath on the hottest nights.


2. Muslin, muslin, muslin

Muslin is one of the coolest fabrics for summer. Lightweight and highly breathable, muslin swaddles are super versatile. These can make a great DIY swaddle using the DUDU technique or an arms only swaddle if it's extremely hot. They’re also great for shading a baby when out and about (it’s best to keep your baby fully out of the sun until at least 6 months. We adore the range of Little Unicorn muslin swaddles; they’re super soft and come in a huge range of gorgeous patterns, perfect for summer.


P.S - did you know the range also includes muslin sleeping bags, car seat shade covers and cots sheets? Helping keep baby cool.


3.Crane Rechargeable Desk Fan

Being rechargeable, this super-compact fan can be taken anywhere. It’s perfect for newborns because you can take it to wherever they are sleeping - the lounge, their room, your room, or even in the car. With a full charge, it can run for 13 hours. Help keep baby cool on the move.


4. Gro Egg Room Thermometer

Room temperature is vital in creating a safe sleeping environment for your baby and should be maintained at 16-20C to help reduce the risk of cot death - "Babies who get too hot are at an increased risk of SIDS. Getting a room thermometer will help you create a safer sleep environment for your baby." Francine Bates, Chief Executive of The Lullaby Trust.


Many swaddles and sleeping bags come with a clothing guide that guides you as to how many layers to dress your baby in for a certain temperature. By using the guide and a Gro Egg Room Thermometer, you can help keep your baby at a more comfortable temperature.


5. Boba Serenity Wrap

Our most recommended wrap is the Boba Serenity Wrap and it’s a good choice for summer as it’s a slightly lighter weight fabric than the Boba Classic Wrap.

It’s loved by all our babywearing consultants and is one of the most ergonomic babywearing options to use from birth. If you’re wearing it just around the home, it’s perfect for skin to skin during the warm summer months.


Summer Essentials for Older Babies (approx 4 months - 1 year)

Now that your wee one is older, you’re likely to be out and about more often, especially if you have a toddler in tow, so it's important to have good sun protection, but also necessary to keep them cool for day naps and nights.


1. Summer Sleeping Bag

Parents and caregivers often wonder whether they should just sleep their baby in their PJ’s at night in summer to keep them cool, however using a sleeping bag is a strong sleep association, so we recommend you keep using a bag and switch to a lightweight summer bag when it’s incredibly warm.

There are many options for summer sleeping bags, including the 0.2 ErgoPouch or Little Unicorn Muslin Bags We also recommend the Woolbabe Summer sleeping bag which is one layer of 30% merino and 70% organic cotton. People often think merino is too warm for summer, however, it has excellent moisture wicking qualities which can help on super sticky nights. Great with the Woolbabe Summer PJ’s too!


2. Summer PJ's

Again keeping your older baby cool in summer PJ’s is easy. Natural fibres, such as cotton or merino are best for their breathability, and merino is also very effective at wicking moisture away from the skin. Summer PJ’s can be easily layered with a lightweight or midweight bag for a comfortable sleep all night long.


3. Crane Tower Fan

There’s nothing worse than trying to get to sleep in a hot, stuffy room. Use a fan to keep the air circulating and help the room feel cooler & less stuffy. The Crane tower fans are great because they’re discreet, good looking and have three different settings, including a natural breeze setting. Hot tip from our sleep coaches - place a bucket of ice in front of the fan and you have a DIY air conditioner!

4. A Bedhead Sunhat

The Australasian sun can be brutal, especially on delicate young skin, so it’s important to keep babies out of the sun and cover up when out and about. We love the gorgeous, yet practical Bedhead hats. In a range of styles, including bucket hats & legionnaires styles, these hats provide excellent coverage for the face and neck.

Many styles are made from linen, which is a lovely, cool, breathable fabric for summer and there’s also a swim option for those who spend long summer days at the beach or by the pool. Don’t forget to remove bub’s hat before sleeping (especially when they’re on the go in a buggy or carrier)!


5. Ro.Sham.Bo Sunglasses

It’s not just skin that needs to be covered, eyes should be covered up too, to protect them from the bright summer light and UVA/B/C rays. Not only do they protect little eyes, but they are also bendable and shatter-resistant - perfect for little hands which love to stretch and bend (and let’s face it - break) whatever they can get their hands on!


6. SnoozeShade Buggy Cover

We often like to be out and about in the summer months and that can mean your baby is sleeping on the go in the buggy. But with so many distractions, the buggy can be a hard spot for a little one to sleep. Block out the distractions and provide shade at the same time with a breathable SnoozeShade Buggy Cover. 80% of UV light is filtered by the large, soft mesh window in “lookout” mode and when the “snooze” panel is closed, 99% of UV rays are blocked. Here’s to more zzzzz’s when you’re out and about!


7. Carriers with Mesh

One of the coolest baby carriers on the market, the Ergobaby Omni Breeze carrier is made from SoftFlex Mesh for maximum airflow. It’s also slimmer fitting (but still highly comfortable) and features cut out panels within the mesh waistband to allow extra airflow. This carrier can be used in all carry positions from newborn through to toddlerhood so is a great solution for summer and also dads who tend to run hotter.


Other options which are amazingly cool for summer include the Beco Gemini Cool Mesh, Beco 8 and the Love Radius Physio Carrier. These are all suitable from newborn until 20kg. For toddlers, the Beco Toddler Cool Mesh is ideal with its large mesh panel.


8. Babu Sunscreen

Even if you’re only in the sun for small periods of time, you should be using sunscreen to protect fragile skin. We love Babu’s 30+ SPF water resistant sunscreen, which is silky smooth and does what it’s meant to - stops you from getting burnt! It’s made from organic ingredients. The sunscreen has been tested to 50+ and 80 minutes water resistance, but batch production differences mean Babu err on the side of caution, rating this at 30+.


9. Swim Nappy

Most older babies love splashing about it the water. And whether it's a paddling pool, a pool or shallows at the beach, a re-usable swim nappy will help contain any mess. Our current favourite is the Nestling Katherine Quinn collection of swim nappies which can be mixed and matched with rash vests.


10. Rash Vest

If your days are likely to be spent by the pool or at the beach you'll need to protect your little ones skin from the sun. Use an SPF rated Rash Vest to keep bodies and arms covered - it's much easier than sunscreen, although you'll still need it elsewhere! The Nestling UPF50+ Swim Rash Vests offer excellent protection and can be mixed and matched with the Swim Nappies.


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