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Colic Solutions

Colic Solutions

You can calm the uncontrollable crying you are experiencing with colic!

Babies who cry a lot are often diagnosed with 'colic' by their GP or other medical professional. Parents are told their baby will 'grow out of it' at about 3 months and there is nothing that can be done about the never-ending crying....

Others will tell you that seeing an osteopath, using natural remedies and all manner of other things will help...they may or most likely will not help!

Our research shows there are a couple of key things that make a HUGE difference to colic:

  1. Ensuring your baby does not get over-tired. Recognising tired signs and using the feed/awake time/sleep routine with no more than an hour awake at a time, are essential.

  2. Recognise the main reason for colic is that babies are missing WOMB SERVICE - the unique and incredibly calming sensory conditions experienced for 9 months - think warm, wet, jiggly, constant loud noise, easy to suck hands, tightly packaged......

  3. Recognise that wind and other tummy troubles are rarely the TRUE cause of colic but are frequently blamed for causing crying in newborns.

  4. Using the highly effective HAPPIEST BABY settling techniques can calm even the most colicky crying.

  5. Use whatever tools you need to deal with colic - dummy, swaddle, sling, loud white noise etc


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