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The Happiest Baby


The Happiest Baby
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  • The Happiest Baby

    Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep Paperback


    Dr. Harvey Karp is famous for his brilliant insights into centuries-old parenting problems and for discovering breakthrough solutions that are simple, practical and fast...

  • The Happiest Baby

    The Happiest Baby DVD & CD Pack


    New Dr Karp value pack - contains Happiest Baby DVD & Soothing Sounds White Noise CD. "What every mother needs are simple tools that really work, and Harvey's do"...

  • The Happiest Baby

    The Happiest Toddler DVD


    Toddlers can drive you bonkers…so adorable and fun one minute…so stubborn and demanding the next! Yet, as unbelievable as it sounds, there is a way to turn the daily stream...