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Breastfeeding tips and FAQs

Breastfeeding tips and FAQs

We at The Sleep Store are passionate about helping new parents navigate the bumpy journey of parenthood and breastfeeding can be a bumpy ride indeed.

With this in mind, we asked our social support groups to send us any questions they had about breastfeeding and we got a lot, from colostrum, to latching, whether to use a breast pump and lots in between. We invited Libby Cain, lactation consultant and a midwife of 25 years to have a chat to Amelia (The Sleep Store staff member and mother of two girls). Below are the key questions/topics we touched on, and Libby answers each with her expertise and top tips.

If you're starting your breastfeeding journey, or preparing for the arrival of your little one, there is some great information here for you. We've got you!

Breastfeeding is a lovely thing to be able to do and there is lots of help out there from people that are keen to help to make sure it is as easy as possible.

Libby Cain, Lactation Consultant and Midwife

Preparing to breastfeed

Introduction on breastfeeding for new Mums

Libby shares with us her general thoughts on breastfeeding for new Mums.

Preparing for breastfeeding before baby arrives

Libby shares some tips that you can do in advance, to prepare for breastfeeding

Tips on breastfeeding while recovering from caesarean

Colostrum harvesting

Libby talks us through colustrum harvesting, why you may need to do this and how.

Let's talk about breastfeeding positions and latches

What are your tips for a good latch?

Latching should not be painful

Re teaching latching

Transitioning baby from bottle back to breast

Breastfeeding with larger breasts

Libby explains a few positions and tips that can help women with large breasts get a good latch and baby in a comfortable position.

Breastfeeding while baby is teething

Ouch! Libby gives a tip or two around breastfeeding once you're baby starts to get teeth and has started to bite!

Wrist pain while feeding/holding baby

Vasospasm - Raynaud Syndrome - Magnesium


Overview on feeding

Libby gives us an overview on breastfeeding and answers some questions from our comminity on the topic.

How do I know if my baby is hungry? How do I identify hungry cues?

A very common question, and Libby gives us some tips to help you identify your little ones hunger signs.

Is my baby getting enough milk?

A very common concern of parents who are breastfeeding. Libby puts our minds at ease.

What to do to increase a low supply of milk?

Different terms around breastfeeding (Milk Composition)

Fore milk vs Hind milk. What does this even mean?

Should I offer one or both breasts for a night feed?

Should I always be offering both breasts when I start breastfeeding?

One breast is getting overfull with milk. What should I do?

How much time to spend on each feed?

Wondering how long your baby should feed for is another common question and worry for new parents. Libby chats about this here during our chat.

Cluster feeds

What is a top up feed? And when should I offer these?

Help! Do you have any good winding and burping techniques?

Libby shows us a couple of her favourite burping techniques.

Tips to stop hiccups

Spilly babies and reflux

To pump, or not to pump? And why and when you might need to start.

Breast pumping - WHY?

What does hospital grade breast pump mean?

Night time, longer sleeps and pumping

How to harvest colostrum

Expressing and saving milk to freeze for later use

Mums wellbeing and looking after yourself

Mums welbeing and mental health especially when breastfeeding for the first time

Look after yourselves. It is SO important.

Tips on reducing the chance of mastitis and blocked ducts

Nutrition and what affects it can have on your baby while breastfeeding

Wrap up - where to from here?

Thanks to Libby for the extremely useful information for our new parents.

Where to from here?

Libby is an experienced lactation consultant and has provided us with a range of helpful resources to help you on your breastfeeding journey.

So join one of our support groups, read some of the related articles or make an appointment with Libby for some personal advice.

Remember, our team is always here to help and point you in the right direction on your parenthood journey. We've got you.