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Deluxe Merino Fleece

Deluxe Merino Fleece

The Sleep Store Merino Fleece



Our Merino Fleece is here!

So what is new about The Sleep Store Merino Fleece in 2021?

Over the last couple of years, we’ve received a lot of feedback from our customers on our merino fleece products. You absolutely love them, but you also wanted them to be more durable and warmer. Plus we had heaps of requests for 2-piece merino fleece for little-big-kids who were toilet training. So with this in mind our amazing production team have worked very hard to take all of your feedback onboard & give our merino fleece products a complete re-design to create a new-and-improved merino fleece to answer all your wishes. Quite the challenge in the year of Covid!

To make these products more durable & include the products you were asking for, we’ve changed both the weight & construction of our fabric. We’ve increased the snuggliness to 360gsm (from 280gsm) plus we’ve added some elastane for stretch, maximum comfort & durability. What you’ll notice about this new merino fleece is the outside looks & feels like sweatshirt material, the fabric is heavier and the inside is fleecier….and trust us when we say, it is very lush!


Scroll down to watch videos and see our beautiful new range up close.

The 2021 Deluxe Merino Fleece is now available to shop below:



About The Sleep Store's Merino Fleece Wool



What's New with The Sleep Store Merino Fleece in 2021?

Lou and Amanda talk about how we have updated our Merino Fleece this year. What's new with the fabric and styles, what colours are available, and how fluffy is it really?


Why do we love Merino so much?

Known as the 'miracle fibre' when it comes to infant sleep, Merino wool is a naturally temperature-regulating and moisture wicking fibre. It will help to keep your little one warm in winter but also cool in the warmer months without waking up clammy. It has the ability to naturally lock away odours, releasing them when washed or aired - this can mean less washing... yay! Merino is also naturally fire retardant. Of course we recommend keeping your children well away from any heaters and fires ("a metre from the heater!") but Merino is a naturally low fire danger fabric.


More information on our Woolmark approved, Wool Rich Blend fabric can be found under the ‘materials and care’ section on our product pages.

What is Merino Fleece?

Merino fleece is completely different from what you may remember as 'polar fleece' from your childhood. Merino fleece is created by brushing from 100% merino wool, to 'fluff' it up, making it extra soft and snuggly. This is miles away from polar fleece, made from synthetic material which can easily overheat your baby and should be avoided.

Is Merino Fleece different to Polar Fleece?

Yes! Merino fleece is made from merino wool and is 100% natural, whereas polar fleece is made from synthetic fabric. Polar fleece doesn't breathe and can easily overheat a baby. We never recommend polar fleece for babies.

Watch: Comparing The Sleep Store Merino Fleece with Polar Fleece

What styles are available in The Sleep Store Merino Fleece?

This year we have released the Deluxe Merino Fleece in the popular 2-Piece Lounge Pyjama in sizes 2-12 years, a Mini Onesie for little ones in sizes 3-6m to 4 years, a Pocket Onesie for older kids in sizes 5-12 years, the Merino Double Layer Sleeping Bag and a beautifully soft Bassinet & Cot Blanket.


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How do we layer with the new Deluxe Merino Fleece?

A merino fleece onesie is equivalent to approx. 2-3 layers of normal nightwear, so under a double layer merino sleeping bag I’d use a fleece onesie if you are in cold temperatures. A merino zipsuit would be suitable for mild temperatures under the Merino Fleece double layer sleeping bag, and just add layers under if it gets cooler (long sleeve bodysuit etc), or just by itself if warmer.

Watch for more detail.

Watch: How should we layer with the new Deluxe Merino Fleece?

How do I care for my merino?

As with many wool garments, you may experience a bit of pilling on this garment. Please note this is often due to a soft fibre such as merino rubbing against other fabrics, such as flannelette sheets. We consider pilling a normal part of wear and tear on a soft merino garment. We could have treated the fabric much more to reduce pilling but then it would lose its lovely, snuggly softness.

Watch: How to care for your merino?

Please take care with moths

Protect your Merino from small holes created by insects such as moths and silverfish. Ensure your garments are clean before storing. Lavender and Cedar wood are noxious to these pests so storing your garments with these scents or a moth trap will help protect your knitwear further.


Watch: How to avoid moth holes in your merino?

I'm naturally fluffy!

These garments are naturally fluffy but washing separately for the first few washes will help the natural wool fibres on the inside to settle and will free any excess fluff.


Watch: How can we keep the Merino Fleece naturally fluffy?