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Fun Fathers Day Gift & Activity Ideas

Fun Fathers Day Gift & Activity Ideas


If you’re stuck for Father’s Day activity and gift ideas then look no further! Here are some great ideas to help Dad feel loved, appreciated and relaxed on his special day (without breaking the bank!)


We even have these amazing Free Printables that the kids can colour in and give to Dad on Father's Day, including special badges, Father's Day cards, Father's Day activity coupons and more!


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Fathers Day family picnic on a blanket

Have a picnic at a nearby park, in your backyard, or even on your lounge room floor! If they are old enough, get the kids help to choose and prepare a menu that’s easy to eat with your hands. I always find it’s a great idea to bring a wooden chopping board or serving tray so running/crawling/rolling kids don’t tip your drinks over!



Breakfast in bed. An oldie but a goodie, who doesn’t love a sleep-in and then having delicious drinks and food brought to you while you relax in bed?? Bliss...



Get crafty - make a present! There is the classic and well loved Father’s Day card (see our printables for ideas!), or you could get more creative and get the kids to write and illustrate a book about their superhero Dad (or they dictate while you write if they haven’t quite mastered the skill), create a magnificent piece of art worthy of the fridge or home workspace, or get your kids to make up a song about their Dad and record it on your phone. This can also be sent to Dad if he’s away for Fathers Day.


Family movie night! If your kids are old enough, find a movie you can all watch together and actually sit down and watch it together. Turn off your phones, get the popcorn and lollies, and enjoy a couple of hours with no distractions. If your little ones are too young, wait until they have gone to bed and pull out the wine and cheese after they’ve gone to sleep!



Order a hamper of delicious treats. This is a lifesaver for those short of time (or creative flair!) but needs some forward planning. Also a great option if Dad is away and can’t be with you right now. Think salty snacks, chocolatey treats, fizzy beverages… pop it all in a basket or get the kids to decorate a box for a personal touch.


Fathers Day walk with toddler and Dad carrying baby in a buckle carrier.

Go for a walk, rain or shine! Getting out of the house to ‘stretch your legs’ is very important, and the fresh air is great for the whole family.



Baking! When in doubt, remember the old saying ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’ If the kids are old enough, get them to help mix the batter or decorate the treats. If they aren’t, your baking will probably end up better than what comes out of my house…



Give Dad some time alone. Sometimes the best gift is the gift of time and space. What does he love to do the most? Set up a cosy spot and some treats where he can listen to music, read a book, do some gaming or watch TV alone, while you take the kids out of the house for a walk so it’s nice and quiet. And then return with lots of snuggles and kisses and fun chaos!!



Plant a garden. This was actually my daughter's idea, and I thought it was pretty great since Father’s Day usually marks the beginning of spring. We had some seeds lying around so we have planted these and hopefully we will have some little seedlings sprouting by Father’s Day of his favourite chillies.

Get dressed up and take a photo! The best gift is to make special family memories together. Whether you get dressed up in your finest gear, or find some wacky outfits from years gone by, set the timer and take a fun photo together to look back upon and remember the fun that was had. Everyone says it (and I still don’t quite believe it when I’ve got toddlers crawling all over me all day), but before you know it your kids will be older and more independent and we will miss these special times, silly fun and cuddles.



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Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing Dads out there x



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