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Hot Tips for Helping Toddlers to Sleep

Hot Tips for Helping Toddlers to Sleep

Whether you are teaching your toddler to sleep through the night or have a toddler who is usually a good sleeper, the following tips can help improve your toddler's sleep:

Bedtime routine:

Your toddler will be less resistant to bedtime when they know what to expect. Allow an hour for your toddler’s little body and brain to unwind after a busy day of playing and learning. A simple routine includes a bath, 3 stories, milk and cuddles before bedtime. Your day sleep routine can be quicker than bedtime, but using the same steps each afternoon helps your toddler understand it’s sleep time.

No TV after dinner:

Watching TV or playing computer games makes your toddler’s brain more alert, which is not what you need before bed. Choose relaxing activities between dinner and bedtime, such as listening to music, a bath, quiet play or stories to help winding down.

Comfortable sleeping environment:

It’s very common for toddlers to wake from the cold after kicking off their covers. Once a child wakes from the cold they can find it hard to self settle. This can be easily solved by using a toddler sleeping bag or an attached duvet set (The duvet cover is zipped onto the bottom sheet, which means the duvet can’t be kicked off).

Afternoon nap:

Toddlers who get over-tired during the day often have more broken sleep at night, so continue with your toddler’s day sleep as long as you can. Stick to a consistent nap time, even if she just has a quiet rest rather than a sleep.

Use a night-light:

Many toddlers are scared of the dark and also suffer from separation anxiety. Using a night-light can help your toddler feel more secure in their own bed and make it easier to find their comfort item such as a dummy or soft-toy.

Sleepy music:

Parents have always used lullabies to help settle babies and music can be equally helpful with toddlers. Try playing a relaxing CD left on repeat right through the night, which helps with bedtime settling and night-waking.

Physical exercise:

Ensure your toddler gets lots of fresh air and running around during the day, as this helps them fall asleep at bedtime.

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