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While lack of sleep for babies is a much discussed topic, sleep problems for school age children can also cause considerable stress! Insufficient sleep can cause a wide range of both short and long-term behaviours, which in turn cause parents lots of stress and exhaustion!

A lot of behavioural and learning problems with school age children can be firmly linked to lack of sleep. In an American study involving 2,463 children aged 6-15, children with sleep problems were more likely to be inattentive, hyperactive, impulsive, and display oppositional behaviors. 

Waking before a reasonable time leads to both the child and parents getting insufficient sleep! It is one of the most common issues with children and sleep, which parents often assume they can do nothing about. However a few tips may help you get some more sleep, and encourage your child to sleep longer too... Recognising that waking at 5am is still nighttime is a big one, although there are some simple steps that can be taken to encourage your child to sleep in longer. Waking up cold is another which is easy to remedy but often over looked, using natural fibre bedding, Merino socks and breathable sleepwear can all help and make a big difference.

Bedwetting is common with children and we have lots of articles and resources that can help. As your child grows older, more independant and capable they able to take off a wet Brolly Sheet and put on dry PJs without needing to wake a parent in the early hours of the morning!

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If you need advice don't forget to join our Sleep Support Groups curated by our trained sleep coaches for free tips and advice. We hope you find our information on this stage useful and that you find tips that fit well with your parenting philosophy. 
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